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ryse son of rome

Ryse: Son of Rome – Xbox One

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Region – Worldwide

Platform – Xbox One

Release date – November 22, 2013

Game format – Digital download

Languages – Multilanguage

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Ryse: Son Of Rome follows the life of the Roman centurion Marius Titus as he becomes one of the leaders in the Roman Legion. He is on a quest to murder Nero, the Roman Emperor, whose followers murdered his family. Gameplay revolves around Marius using his sword to strike enemies and shield to deflect attacks. Execution sequences are also featured in the game, which are quick-time events that serve as an extension to combat. The game’s combat emphasizes on “flow”, a term referring to a player’s ability to move on to fight against another enemy upon defeating an enemy with few limitations in between. The game features a cooperative multiplayer mode, which tasks players to fight against waves of enemies in maps that are changing dynamically.


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